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RE/MAX Crown Towers

Who are RE/MAX Crown?

RE/MAX Crown is an established Franchise set in Malta’s idyllic Tower Road on the Sliema Seafront focusing on Property for Sale in Malta. We boast a team of fourteen fully trained and experienced Property Sales Associates, whose focus and target covers all sectors and areas of the Maltese Real Estate Market.

Looking to buy Property in Malta?

If you’re looking to buy a property in Malta, we welcome you to search through our selection of the best properties for sale in Malta. If you do not find what you are looking for, kindly do not hesitate to contact us using the link below, and one of our Sales Assistants will promptly contact you to show you properties that are exactly tailored to your needs and budget.

Do you have a property for sale in Malta or abroad?

Whether you have a property for sale in Malta or whether it is in another country, RE/MAX Crown are ready to help you get your property sold. By using the link below, you may inform us where the property is situated and if your property is in Malta, let us know when you are available and one of our experienced associates in your area will contact you in the shortest possible time. If your property is abroad, we will assist you by referring you to a RE/MAX International office and together, both offices will join forces to assist you in the best possible manner and in the shortest possible time.

When you list your property with RE/MAX Crown you are also exposing your property for sale in Malta as well as Internationally through ALL RE/MAX Offices Worldwide. RE/MAX Crown together with all other local RE/MAX office have a combined workforce of over 160 associates in Malta and Gozo alone!

Are you serious about Selling your Property in Malta?

RE/MAX Malta have recently introduced an innovative and successful process of selling property in Malta. If your property is suited for our Exclusive Value Added Listing programme, your property will be one of a few selected listings that will benefit from much more exposure that can get your property sold within a much shorter period of time. For more information kindly refer to the Exclusive Listings Section.

Why Malta?

Malta is situated right in the Middle of Mediterranean Sea, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north of Africa. Malta is the collective term for an archipelago of three inhabited islands, namely Malta which is the larger of the three islands, Gozo which is colloquially referred to as its Smaller Sister, and finally Comino which hosts the beautiful marvel that is the Blue Lagoon, as well as a hotel and  residences. Put together, the islands cover an area of roughly 316 Square Kilometres, with a population  of  400,000+  inhabitants.

For ease of reference to our customers, RE/MAX Malta have sectioned the Maltese islands into five categories, namely:

- Sliema & Valletta Surroundings

-  South Malta

-  Central Malta

- North Malta

- Gozo

View Malta in Sections in a larger map.


The Maltese climate can very well be described as a typical Mediterranean climate with dry summers, warm autumns and short winters. Rainfall is adequate throughout the winter period and autumn, with little to no rainfall in the spring and summer seasons. The average rainfall is 600mm (24inches) between the months of October and March.   Local temperatures can range between 12 Degrees Celsius in Winter and

33 Degrees Celsius in Summer, with the average temperature being 18 Degrees.

Temperatures hardly ever drop below 10 degrees and have never dropped below zero degrees across the whole Island,  therefore making Frost and Snow inexistent on the islands. Summer temperatures tend to soar on the high side of the 30’s and sometimes can even break into the 40’s barrier with the highest temperature ever recorded in the shade being 44 degrees Celsius.


Maltese lifestyle can be described as “Safe, secure, well paced lifestyle with friendly and caring inhabitants”. Malta is described as one of the safest places to own property, to live in and to travel to, this being due to Malta’s extremely low crime rate. Theft and fraud are limited to mostly petty crime,  and homicide and abductions are extremely rare occurrences.

The Maltese islands are predominately Roman Catholic with more than 90% of the population practicing the religion. We have a total of 359 churches (313 in Malta and 46 in Gozo). Of these, 78 are parishes (63 in Malta and 15 in Gozo) and 6 are national parishes. This means that there is a “church density” of slightly more than 1 church per square kilometre. In Malta, every locality has its parish church, apart from two or three small localities, each town or city has its own parish church with localities like Sliema and Birkirkara having four parishes each.


The Maltese economy is highly dependent on Tourism and Finance, with the islands being a hot spot from Leisure holidays, Cruises and Business Trips. This has led the Islands to develop a large and adaptable Leisure Sector boasting Gourmet Restaurants, High Tech Cinemas, Water Sports, Cruises and lovely sandy or rocky beaches as well as a booming diving industry.

Malta has taken important and substantial steps to establish itself as a global player in the cross-border fund administration business. Competing against countries like Ireland and Luxembourg, Malta has a unique combination of a multi-lingual workforce and a strong legal system as well as tax subsidies for companies investing locally.

Malta also has a financial regulator, the MFSA, (Malta Financial Services Authority) with a strong business development mind-set and the country has been successful in attracting primarily e-gaming businesses, aircraft and ship registration, credit-card issuing and banking licences and also Fund Administration.

EU Citizens

EU Citizens who wish to purchase property in the Maltese Islands and who have resided in Malta continuously for a minimum period of five years at any time before the date of the Contract of Purchase are free to purchase property in the Maltese Islands with the same conditions  applied to the Maltese Citizens.

EU Citizens who have not resided continuously in Malta for a minimum period of five years are free to purchase a property as their Sole Primary Residence or a property that would be used as a commercial entity, or to render a service. Any other property would require an application for an AIP (Acquisition of Immovable Property) Permit. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us for a more detailed and updated explanation or to a Notary of your choice.

If you are looking for a holiday home or a second residence in Malta, and you have NOT resided in Malta for a minimum of five years, then you are required to apply for a Permit to Acquire Immovable Property. These Conditions do not apply to SPECIAL DESIGNATED AREAS, developments in Malta that do not have any restrictions on the Amount, Value and Type of residence that can be purchased. A list of these properties can be found below:

- Portomaso, St. Julian’s

- Fort Cambridge, Sliema

- Tigne Point, Sliema

- Pender Place, St. Julian’s

- Cottonera Development, Cottonera

- Tas-Sellum Residence, Mellieha

- Madliena Village Complex

- SmartCity

- Ta’ Monita Residence, Marsascala

- Metropolis Plaza, Gzira (Not Yet Developed)

- Fort Chambray, Ghajnsielem, Gozo

- Kempinski Residences, San Lawrenz, Gozo

Non EU Citizens

Individuals who are not citizens of a European Member state can only purchase property in Malta if they are granted an AIP Permit and with a minimum value applicable at the time of purchase or if the property they are purchasing is situated in a SDA area (Special Designated Area) as detailed above, where no restriction is applicable.

Our Promise

We proudly host a team of experienced and specialised Real Estate Agents who are constantly trained in every aspect of our trade. Most of our agents boast more than ten years experience in the sale and purchase of real estate in Malta and abide to a strict code of honesty and customer service.  At RE/MAX Crown, we promise and guarantee continuous attention to our clients’ requirements, to listen and understand your wishes enabling us to give you an efficient and hassle free experience.

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    C V Montrose,
    I bought a few properties through Peter from Remax. All I can say is that I have found him to be the most honest and the perfect person to deal with. ...
    I have found him to be the most honest and the perfect person to deal with.

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    We would like to thank you sincerely for your very professional assistance in this instance and would appreciate if you could kindly contact us should...
    It was truly a pleasure meeting up with you

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    If the house or apartment of your dreams does exist, make sure Pierre will find it for you. He never gives up. He is patient, competent and very frien...
    He is patient, competent and very friendly

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    After two years of house searching with different estate agents, I met Clint, an agent who upon listing my needs has made his research basing on my cr...
    I met Clint, an agent who upon listing my needs has made his research basing on my criteria

    Jan Rossi,
    It was a pleasure dealing with Sean whose constant effort, perseverance and support were essential in fulfilling my goals
    It was a pleasure dealing with Sean

    Alexia Frendo,
    Words cannot describe how lucky I was to work with Sean Sullivan. I would highly recommend him to everyone. As a first time buyer I was very inexperie...
    If you want to be part of a winning team, you can with Sean and RE/MAX.

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